Reducers allow inline connection between 2 different size diameter pieces of drainage.

Inline Reducers
4″ 4″ x 3″  Reducer each
6″ 6″ x 4″  Reducer each
8″ 8″ x 6″  Reducer each
10″ 10″ x 8″ Reducer each
12″ 12″ X 10″  Reducer each
15″ 15″ X 12″  Reducer each

Clay Adapters

Connects two pieces of drainage tubing by slipping over the end of one piece of drainage tubing and inserting the other end into the side of a piece of drainage tubing that has had a hole cut into it.

Clay Adapters
4″ External Clay Adapter each
6″ External Clay Adapter each
8″ External Clay Adapter each

Downspout Adapter