Spinner Cart Rental

Bluewater Pipe have tilecarts that they rent to their customers to handle the large maxi coils used for farm drainage. If you need to use one just give us a call and we will figure out how to get it to you. We do prefer for them not to be gone for long, so if you are using it we hope you can make quick work of your tile installation.

Power Feeder Wheels

Bluewater Pipe have been supplying contractors with a simple Power Feeding wheel which has been built to work well on most corrugated pipe profiles. They have been fitted to both Bron and Wolfe plows replacing the factory supplied wheel. Give us a call or email if you are interested in one.

Power Feeder Wheel

Truck Mounted Spinner

If you are using 250 foot rolls of pipe and don’t have a spinner to help unwind them Bluewater Pipe have developed a real simple and flexible truck or floor mounted pipe spinner. It can be mounted in the 2X2 receiver on the back of a pickup or on your skidsteer, or by spreading out the two legs it will sit on the ground. The spinner is easy to assemble with lynch pins, and can be stored inside the 12” doublewall pipe that acts as a centering post.

Fabricated fittings – various sizes, built to order. Double wall.

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